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Web 3.0

Recently I read a new book entitled “Marketing in The Moment,” by Michael Tasner. Very interesting thoughts and ideas about Web 3.0 marketing.

Are you prepared and ready to market to your customers and clients via mobile phones?

Have you registered a .tv domain?

Are you streaming your own television show on the Web?

These are just a few of the web 3.0 areas to consider. This next weeks meeting will show you and your team how to be ready for Web 3.0 with many other new cool ways to reach your marketplace.

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Producing the Wow Effect!

In part two of my sales meeting “The New Gold Standard,” based on the book by Joseph A Michelle, I discuss the importance of “Creating a Wow” effect for your clients and customers. Many of us believe knowledge is power, but actually according to Michelle’s podcast on this same subject, knowledge is only powerful if you apply it! In this meeting we discuss the importance of taking your knowledge and making it powerful. How can your team members do this? It’s actually quite easy and effective “if” you follow the right principles. Do you know your clients birthdates, anniversaries, children’s names and birthdates, e-mail address, social media affiliations, etc? If not, you’re missing out on a wealth of data that can help you stay in touch and definitely create a “wow” effect, if you properly apply it.


  1. Get the information you need about your clients – the more the better
  2. Take this information and put it to good use in communicating with your center of influence

Keep in mind, information is only powerful if you use It correctly.

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“STINK” Bait….

Have you ever fished for catfish? I guess it’s an Ozark’s thing, but many people in my area love to fish for catfish. The most disgusting thing about this sport (if you want to classify it as a sport) is that the bait you normally use is called “stink bait,” and gosh does it STINK! L Maybe that’s why I prefer golf. As I ponder the whole idea behind fishing for catfish, stink bait, and fishing in general, it dawned on me as to what good fisherman do regularly. They monitor their bait. If the fish don’t bite, they use a different bait to see if the fish will bite, and if different baits don’t work, they will move to another pond. It was an “AH HA” moment for me as I thought about this strategy, and so I developed this week’s meeting around this concept. Helping your team members know when to switch baits, what baits work, and quite frankly, when to move to another pond.

I think it’s a “GREAT” meeting that your team will appreciate and hopefully have an “AH HA” moment like me, and realize that sometimes it’s all in the bait we’re using. If you’re not a member of EasySalesMeetings you can join today. We would love to have you as a member, and we know you will save time, look professional in front of your team as well as adding value to each and every meeting you deliver. More about EasySalesMeetings

The Art of Customer Service

It’s funny (and yet sad) to see how employees can offer up customer service to consumers who visit their business establishments. Recently I had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Qdoba in St. Louis, (the Arnold Store). It was a couple of days past my Birthday, and the good folks at Qdoba had sent me a “FREE” burrito coupon in recognition of my Birthday. Unfortunately I did not print the coupon out before I left for lunch, so I quickly pulled up the offer on my iPhone and showed it to the manager at the cash register. Immediately the manager in charge snapped at me and told me she would NOT honor my Birthday coupon since I had failed to print it out. I asked about Qdoba going “Green,” and helping conserve paper and our environment and why she could not honor my Birthday offer when she could easily see all the details. She snapped again, and this time in a more hateful and aggressive tone. I was floored at her attitude, and as I sat and ate my burrito (which by the way I paid for) I promised myself that I would not visit this Qdoba store again.

As I ponder this person’s attitude for how they handled this situation, I was reminded of how many businesses “lose” business because of an employee’s dumb attitude and poor customer service. Because of this, I developed this week’s sales meeting on “Customer Service.” My questions and goals for the meeting are to help managers work with their team members on how they can provide excellent customer service. The meeting is based from the book, “The New Gold Standard – 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Customer Experience Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company,” by Joseph A. Michelli, McGraw Hill Publisher.

As our economy continues to go through slow and challenging times, it’s important for all employees to remember that “Customer Service” is critical, and the life-blood for many organizations. Why argue over a $6.00 burrito and someone’s Birthday coupon, even though they didn’t print it out? Here’s an idea, (and GREAT customer service) have me forward the e-mail from my iPhone to the manager’s company e-mail account so she could print it out in the back? Oh well, I’ll drive another 10 minutes to the South County or Fenton locations and enjoy my Qdoba burrito in the future. J


Be a Good Sport

Okay, I’m writing about something a little differently today for my sales meeting blog, but I believe it’s a needed discussion for future gatherings with your team members. The topic is on being a “Good Sport!” I’ve always prided myself of learning to lose with dignity. After all, you can’t win all the time, and if you did, it might begin to get old sooner or later. There’s a football coach in the NFL right now, (I won’t mention any names) who has had tremendous success with his team, but when he loses he can hardly shake hands with the winning coach, and quickly dashes off to his locker room to sulk. I’ve been on many athletic teams over my life where people just seemed to be “poor sports.” In fact, it even carries over into our children’s games where we witness the parents blaming the referee, official, coach or someone else for their child’s poor performance. So why write about this on my sales meeting / real estate blog? First, I’ve been snubbed twice in the last two weeks by grown adults in my hometown. Nothing to do with business, but I do believe the story will illustrate a needed point for our team members when I’m finished explaining my point in this blog. Back to the snubbing, and why I’m even writing about this, is that my wife and I recently moved back to our hometown after a short stay in St. Louis last winter. Upon moving back, we decided to explore different churches to find the place where we were being led to attend. Our old church was nice and had good people but we did not feel this is where we should attend, so we began to visit other churches in our area. One House of Worship was nice and we loved the people and I even had a good friend who attended there, but it was not where our hearts said yes to attend. After visiting another church, we quickly knew this is where we should stay.

Life is good, the people are friendly and things seem okay until about two weeks ago when I run into my friend at Wal-Mart from the church we attended several months back. Yes, you guessed it, my friend snubbed me! I couldn’t believe it, he was downright rude to me and would hardly speak. I knew immediately it was over our decision not to attend his church, (as he had called and visited me while we were attending) and now he simply chose to ignore me while we stood in the checkout lane side by side. Sure, I got over it, but two days ago I was snubbed again! This time by my (I won’t mention if it was the husband or wife) former staff person. I had to go out of my way to speak to this person and say hello, with only a brief hi and they quickly walked on by not even bothering to stop and visit. I had not seen this person for well over a year, and that was all I got was a quick and soft spoken “hi.” I was so discouraged by both of my friend’s actions that it began to bother me, and it dawned on me for the idea for this blog, “be a good sport.” It’s terrible to use a church illustration for showing how two people from two different bodies of worship treated me with little or no love at all. Jesus was all about love, and it’s one of the greatest commandments He gave us.

Here’s the bottom line and what you can stress in your sales meeting: whether it’s attending church, playing a sports game or losing a real estate transaction to another competitor, be a good sport! I’ve lost many of real estate transactions in my life to other agencies and still smiled and treated my former customers with dignity and graciousness. And yes, those people probably felt and knew in their hearts they hurt me, but when they saw my good sportsman like conduct, they always came back to do business with me in the future. And if not, hey, it’s part of doing business and you can’t let it bother you. We’re not going to sell everything to everybody we meet. We can learn from our mistakes and correct problems or issues that might cause people to go elsewhere, but don’t be a bad sport just because you lose out on a business deal, or a friend decides to attend church somewhere else. Learning to be a good sport will pay big dividends for you in everything you do!

7 Biggest Sales Meeting Blunders to Avoid – Part I

For the manager who meets with the team on a regular basis, understanding sales meeting pitfalls is essential if you want to create excitement, motivation and results for your sales force. Below you will find my top five sales meeting blunders to avoid if you’re in charge of delivering sales meetings for your organization:

  1. Planning and attending your meeting without a map! Think about it, you wouldn’t head out on vacation without a road map, nor would you begin a long hike through the woods on an unknown trail unless you could visually see where you would end up at the conclusion of your walk, so why should your sales meetings be any different? Each sales meeting should be carefully thought out and planned with an outline (map) and your goals and objectives for the team gathering. Your map will help provide you direction for your meeting and allow you too quickly and easily make changes during the meeting if you should get off track. For example, if I wanted to talk about “Top Sales Blunders” with my team, I need to know how and where to begin the meeting, and where I wanted to end the meeting. By knowing these two principals (beginning and ending destinations) I can begin to formulate my meeting content and where and how we can get there.
  2. Predictability! Probably the most often overlooked blunder that sales managers make regularly is that their meetings are so predictable. It’s almost like a church service where you can go down the order of events and everything must fall into its proper place to be considered perfect. Don’t get me wrong, structure and organization are needed in any program, church service and sales meeting, but doing things exactly the same way each and every time you meet can get old after awhile. Have fun with your meetings and strive to keep things different and fresh. Change the order in which you cover key points and allow others to participate or help. Don’t become predictable to your team, and always inject a new flavor or twist to keep your group wondering what’s new this week.
  3. You’re a Hog! Well, not figuratively speaking, but when it comes to running the meeting you don’t let anyone else participate. I realize this is a double-edge sword, as there are those who if allowed to participate would ruin your meeting or take over the conversation, yet there are many good team players who have great ideas that need to participate and help with the meeting content. Believe it or not, I hear a lot of complaints from sales associates who want to participate but never allowed an opportunity from the manager or team leader. One key point to remember about adults and how they like to learn is that assisting in the problem solving process is critical. Adults love to participate and be a part of the learning process, and not allowing group participation can hinder the sales meeting and teaching environment. Encourage group participation and learn to deal with the “Chatty Cathy’s” so everyone has an opportunity to contribute.

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