Producing the Wow Effect!

In part two of my sales meeting “The New Gold Standard,” based on the book by Joseph A Michelle, I discuss the importance of “Creating a Wow” effect for your clients and customers. Many of us believe knowledge is power, but actually according to Michelle’s podcast on this same subject, knowledge is only powerful if you apply it! In this meeting we discuss the importance of taking your knowledge and making it powerful. How can your team members do this? It’s actually quite easy and effective “if” you follow the right principles. Do you know your clients birthdates, anniversaries, children’s names and birthdates, e-mail address, social media affiliations, etc? If not, you’re missing out on a wealth of data that can help you stay in touch and definitely create a “wow” effect, if you properly apply it.


  1. Get the information you need about your clients – the more the better
  2. Take this information and put it to good use in communicating with your center of influence

Keep in mind, information is only powerful if you use It correctly.

If you need help energizing your team with new ways to maximize time management, get more customers, develop new presentation ideas, or simply to take information about existing clients and customers to make it powerful, we can help! Sign up for our sales meeting subscription today.


One response to this post.

  1. Johnny, thanks for mentioning my book and linking to my podcast. All my best as you “wow” your readers and clients.


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