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Creating Value to Help Recruit

Recently I read an interesting article from RisMedia entitled “We Don’t Recruit, We Attract,” by Stephanie Andre. In her article, Wendy Forsythe, vice president, broker services and product development, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC, is happy to remove the term “recruit” from her team’s vocabulary once and for all. Attract, Bond, Commit and Develop are the four pillars the article boasts each real estate broker must practice if they want to attract and keep successful real estate sales associates. I agree with many of the concepts of this article, however, I would like to stress the need for real estate brokers and mangers to also remind themselves of the need to create value at their company for attracting and keeping good quality real estate agents. In today’s economy and the difficult challenges many real estate agents face, understanding the value their company (and broker/manager) brings to the table for them on a daily basis is essential. You must offer services, education, leadership and other qualities so your agents will not leave you for your competition.

One way I accomplish this goal is by providing good quality sales meetings each week for my team members. Along with my meetings I normally include handouts, agendas and other small items of interest to show my agents that I care about them and their real estate career. Little things like sample letters they can use to send to their farm area or sphere of influence are examples of adding value to their business. Spending a few minutes asking about their productivity as well as helping your agents remain accountable are good sources of providing value. Whatever you choose to implement, the main objective is to let your agents know that you care about them, and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to give your team the best service possible. All of this will create value and this value I believe will spill over to other agents in your marketplace who are starving for this same treatment. Soon, you’ll discover your value will attract new agents to your organization.

If you need help with weekly or monthly sales meetings, visit my web site at Let me help you add value to your real estate team, so you can concentrate on attracting and retaining good quality agents.