“STINK” Bait….

Have you ever fished for catfish? I guess it’s an Ozark’s thing, but many people in my area love to fish for catfish. The most disgusting thing about this sport (if you want to classify it as a sport) is that the bait you normally use is called “stink bait,” and gosh does it STINK! L Maybe that’s why I prefer golf. As I ponder the whole idea behind fishing for catfish, stink bait, and fishing in general, it dawned on me as to what good fisherman do regularly. They monitor their bait. If the fish don’t bite, they use a different bait to see if the fish will bite, and if different baits don’t work, they will move to another pond. It was an “AH HA” moment for me as I thought about this strategy, and so I developed this week’s meeting around this concept. Helping your team members know when to switch baits, what baits work, and quite frankly, when to move to another pond.

I think it’s a “GREAT” meeting that your team will appreciate and hopefully have an “AH HA” moment like me, and realize that sometimes it’s all in the bait we’re using. If you’re not a member of EasySalesMeetings you can join today. We would love to have you as a member, and we know you will save time, look professional in front of your team as well as adding value to each and every meeting you deliver. More about EasySalesMeetings


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